Yerena Farms


Apolinar (“Poli”) Yerena, his wife, Silvia, and their children, along with 5 part- and 8 full-time employees


13 acres in Watsonville, about 100 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


After growing strawberries for Driscoll with their parents for 12 years, Apolinar and his brother, Gilberto, decided to lease their own farm. They began growing conventionally in 1982, but in response to market demand converted five trial acres to organic. The organic fruit sold so well they eventually decided to transition the entire farm to organic. Presently, 10 acres are certified organic with the remaining 12 in transition.To control pests, the Yerenas release beneficial insects. They hand-weed during harvest and cover raised beds in black plastic to prevent weeds and fungal growth. Yerena Farms takes pride in growing organic and healthful berries.


Presently, 10 acres are certified organic by Monterey County Certified Organic (MCCO), with the remaining 12 in transition.