Winters Fruit Tree


Phil Carter and his family, with 5 full- and 8 part-time employees


88 acres in Esparto, Winters, Sacramento, and Woodland, between 65 to 90 miles to San Francisco


Phil’s grandparents Paulina and Phillip Lupertino started their family farm in the 1920s in the Santa Clara Valley, growing cherries and apricots. In 1967 the farm moved to Winters, and in 1968, Phil’s father, William Carter, opened a fruit stand on Highway 128 to sell apricots. Soon the family was also growing almonds, pistachios, and walnuts to sell year-round. Inspired by the customers they met running the fruit stand, the family branched out to farmers markets. Today Winters Fruit Tree continues to produce nuts and fruit, as well as pasture raised eggs. The farm cultivates several varieties with slightly different growing seasons, allowing for a harvest window spanning from November to early summer.