Very Mulberry


Anil and Gautam Godhwani and Smita Sadana


90 acres in Brentwood, about 55 miles from San Francisco


Founder Anil Godhwani has been interested in fruits, vegetables, and the outdoors since he was a kid. He grew up visiting the outdoor Subzi Mandi (vegetable market) in Delhi, India, with his dad. Since immigrating to the United States 30 years ago, he’s always found his way to farmers markets, but noticed a few things were missing or hard to find, like mulberries.

Taking matters into his own hands, he planted a few trees in his backyard in the early 2000s and shared the fruits with friends and family. After noticing how mulberries ignited a nostalgic fondness for so many people, he was motivated to grow them on a larger scale. He teamed up with his brother, Gautam, and friend, Smita Sadana to “introduce America to mulberries.” Together they started Habitera Farms in Brentwood and created the brand Very Mulberry to grow and share these sustainably harvested delicacies.