Urban Sprouts


This nonprofit’s programs are focused on individuals and families in San Francisco’s southeastern neighborhoods that face significant obstacles to economic, social and physical health including: the Excelsior, the Mission, Visitacion Valley, Bayview/Hunters Point, Mission Bay, Potrero Hill, Ingleside, Oceanview and Merced Heights.


Urban Sprouts was established in 2004 on the research-proven foundation that beautiful and safe outdoor environments are the best conduits for healthy, economically thriving communities. They leverage their gardens as culturally responsive, interactive classrooms; welcoming places for meditation and physical activity; sources of fresh, nutritious food and as incubators for a 21st-century workforce that understands the importance of social justice and climate resilience. Support youth entrepreneurship and garden-based education by shopping for plant starts and salves at Urban Sprouts’ stand on Thursdays.


Urban Sprouts operates three community garden sites: the Farm & Kitchen at June Jordan School for Equity in Excelsior neighborhood, the Parklab Community Garden in the Mission Bay, and the Community Gardens Project at Sunnydale.