Triple Delight Blueberries


Mark and Kimberly Sorensen and their daughters (Johannah, Elizabeth, and Olivia), and 3 son-in-laws, along with 4 part-time and 30 seasonal employees


30 acres of conventional and 20 acres of certified transitional organic (CCOF) in Caruthers, about 200 miles to San Francisco


Triple Delight Blueberries is a family farm that works hard to grow the best-tasting blueberries possible. Mark, a fifth-generation raisin farmer, decided to diversify his business by starting Triple Delight Blueberries in 1996. The Sorensens sell most of their blueberry harvest directly to consumers, and every spring the family looks forward to returning to the farmers market to connect with their customers. Blueberries require acidic soil, so the Sorensens add acidic amendments and organic and synthetic fertilizers through their drip irrigation system. The Sorensens mow between rows and combat weeds by hand. Synthetic pesticides are never sprayed on the berries.