Trees of Life Farm


Rachel Stauffer, along with helpful friends and occasional part-time employees


10 acres in Occidental, Sonoma County, about 75 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Rachel grew up immersed in nature, among family members who were avid gardeners and farmers. As an adult, she worked at the UCSF Medical Center for over 30 years. She frequented the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, and her interest in food and land stewardship grew. In 2010, she started Trees of Life in Sonoma County, drawn to the plot’s biodiversity and potential for growing fruit. Rachel’s farming philosophy, partly informed by her ecological farming education, is to work with, not against, the climate and landscape of the farm. She found her land and its Goldridge soil to be suitable for growing apples. Rachel grows special heirloom and locally developed apple varieties, along with Asian pears, quince, and small amounts of other tree fruit.


California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)