Sunshine Organics


Gladys Mondragon, and her husband Rafael, with 2 part- and 2 full-time employees


26 acres in Watsonville, about 88 miles to San Francisco


Gladys Mondragon grew up helping out on her parents’ farm, and she has since carried on the practice. In 2007, Gladys officially founded Sunshine Organic and her husband, Rafael, joined the farm a decade later. Together they manage the farm while parenting two children and pursuing masters degrees in education. The farm has two locations in Monterey County and Santa Cruz County, where they grow different types of organic vegetables as well as strawberries and cane berries such as raspberries and blackberries, and rotate crops to maintain the soil quality. They take pride in their efforts to improve soil quality and health, and that’s reflected in the flavor and nutrition of the produce. At the market, Sunshine Organic offers a variety of berries, greens, and more.