Sonoma County Meat Company


Rian and Jenine Rinn, along with their team


Santa Rosa, about 60 miles to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Rian and his partner, Jenine, wanted to find a way to help small ranchers maintain their businesses, so they wouldn’t have to travel far or face long wait lists to process their animals. They also wanted to bring local, delicious meats to as many people in their community as possible. Rian trained with numerous butcher shops in Sonoma County, San Francisco, and Napa before he and Jenine started Sonoma County Meat Company, a USDA-certified cut-and-wrap facility, in 2014. 

At first, they did small-scale butchery services for local ranchers to be able to sell their own meat. Eventually, they opened a brick-and-mortar adjacent to their facility in Santa Rosa, and started reselling meat products to local restaurants and grocery stores and at farmers markets.


Sonoma County Meat Company sources all of their pork from Mountain View Pork  lamb from Hamilton Brothers Farm, and beef from Oak Ridge Angus Ranch. Each are multi-generation family operations that take pride in prioritizing animal welfare by raising their animals on pasture, feeding them native grasses, and never using hormones or antibiotics.