Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm


John and Armen Carlon, with 2 or 3 seasonal interns and 60 seasonal employees


61 acres in Forest Ranch, 8.5 in cultivation and 52.5 of native woodland and wildlife habitat, about 190 miles to San Francisco

Farm History

John and Armen purchased their farm in 1986, after John studied agriculture in college and farmed overseas in Saudi Arabia. They decided to plant blueberries because they saw them as a sustainable crop that would provide an opportunity to develop a financially viable family farm.The Carlons’ goal is to replicate nature and produce high quality blueberries with no off-farm inputs. They are working to create a fair and positive working environment, improve the natural aspects of their land, and integrate their farm into the larger natural landscape including the watershed, native habitat, and wildlife. Sierra Cascade Blueberry Farm is one of the oldest blueberry farms in California, and one of the first to become certified organic.


California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)