Rize Up Bakery


Azikiwee Anderson and about 20 full-time employees


San Francisco, 1.5 miles to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market


Rize Up Bakery is a fledgling San Francisco-based Black-owned micro bakery focused on reinventing and rethinking traditional sourdough. Before pushing bread boundaries by innovating Rize Up Bakery’s sourdough flavors like Ube, Gochujang, and Garlic Confit, Z channeled his culinary skills into his career as a private chef. When the pandemic started in March 2020, he shifted gears to stay home with his kids, and he tried his hand at making sourdough. In the time of civil unrest following the murder of George Floyd in May 2020, Z’s experimentation with sourdough also became an important salve for his state of mind. Before he knew it, baking one loaf a week turned into 150 a day as he filled orders from the Bay Area to Brooklyn.