Nucha Empanadas


Vanessa Medrano, along with 7 full-time employees


In the early 1900s, Nilda Bottazzi’s family migrated to Argentina from Parma, Italy. Her family brought the rich traditions of Italian cooking and soon discovered the flavors of South America. Nilda, nicknamed “Nucha’’ by her family, grew up making Argentine empanadas. Nucha’s empanadas were always a hit at parties and events. After countless requests and nudges by friends and colleagues, the family decided to share their empanadas with the Bay Area. In 2021, at the age of 92 years old, Nucha passed away peacefully in her home in San Francisco, surrounded by her loved ones. Since then, the family business has passed on to her son, Ruben, and now to her great niece, Vanessa, who is determined to continue the legacy of Nucha and all of the traditions that their family have passed on generation after generation.


Nucha Empanadas sources organic and local ingredients from various distributors, as well as from other vendors that also sell in the farmers markets.