Marshall's Farm Natural Honey


Father- and daughter-in-law Spencer Marshall and Alison Trotta-Marshall, along with 1 full- and 6 part-time workers


The hives are placed in backyards, farms, and wild areas throughout the greater Bay Area. Hives are moved seasonally for pollination and honey production. Their processing facility is in Napa.


Born and raised on his family farm, Spencer was always intrigued when his grandmother tended her beehives. He met his wife, Helene (a San Francisco native), in 1990, and 2 years later they started Marshall’s Farm Honey. Marshall’s Farm is local, unfiltered, unheated, raw, and kosher. The honey is harvested after each bloom and then isolated to create unique varieties, colors, and flavors.Spencer breeds queens from the strongest hives and believes that strong genetic traits have been the reason the Marshalls’ hives have prospered in troubled times.