Marshall's Farm Natural Honey


Father-in-law Spencer Marshall and and daughter-in-law Alison Trotta-Marshall, along with 1 full- and 4 part-time employees


The hives are placed in backyards, farms, and wild areas throughout the Bay Area. Each spot is chosen for specific microclimates, which produce unique honey varietals. Their processing facility is in Napa.


Born on a farm, Spencer was always intrigued by his grandmother’s beehives. In 1990, he met his wife, Helene, an SF native. Two years later they started Marshall’s Farm Honey, Spencer as the beekeeper and Helene as the business woman. She built the business by going door to door, making a name for the company in the Bay Area restaurant community. Helene passed away in 2016. Alison (Ali) began to run the company, and has since become the majority owner, making bee health a top priority.