Lonely Mountain Farm


The Baker Family (Kenny, Molly, River, Ruby, and Uma), along with 4 full-time employees, and many seasonal hands


15 acres in Corralitos, about 90 miles to San Francisco


First-generation farmer Kenny found his calling in agriculture working at local farms in Santa Cruz County. The farm began putting down roots in 2009, and is currently operating 15 acres of organic production. The intensively farmed parcel is very dynamic. “Our philosophy is embedded in organic principles and strongly influenced by systems thinking, natural resource conservation, and diversity,” says farmer Kenny. Intercropping flowers with orchard crops, establishing perennial hedgerows for pollinators, as well as planting diverse successions of annuals make the farm a visual and edible paradise. Lonely Mountain produces around 50 different commodities and their market stall shines throughout the seasons. The farmers have found their niche growing specialty fruit, vegetable, and herb varieties, as well as beautiful cut flowers. They market most of their products directly through farmers markets and to chefs in the greater Bay Area.


California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).