Devoto Gardens & Orchards


Stan Devoto, his daughters, Jolie and Cecily, and Jolie’s husband, Hunter, with 6 full-time and 4 seasonal employees


45 acres in Sebastopol, about 60 miles to San Francisco


The Devotos have been growing heirloom apples and field-grown flowers since 1976. They started their farm with only 2.5 acres and now grow more than 100 varieties of apples, cut flowers, and wine grapes on 45 acres.

The Devotos grow all of their products with care toward sustaining their employees, family, and farm. They maintain soil fertility by discing in cover crops and spent mulches and applying compost and pelleted manure products. In 2010, the Devotos’ apples received organic certification through Global Culture. At their 7-acre Santa Rosa growing site, they irrigate their flower crops with tertiary-treated recycled water and don’t use any synthetic chemicals.


Certified organic by Global Culture since 2010