Coastside Farms and Specialties


Charlie Clark with 5 part-time employees


Coastside Farms and Specialties enjoys bringing their valued customers top quality sustainable smoked fish products. Their fish comes from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, and their products are only available in a few select farmers markets. They are proud to participate in the Mission Community Farmers Market, which they joined in 2010. Coastside Farms aims to keep their products as affordable as possible, so families can access the health benefits provided by salmon, a superfood with O-mega-3 fatty acids, and a wealth of vitamins D, A, E, B6 and B12. Each new market season, Charlie looks forward to welcoming back loyal customers and friends and inviting new customers to experience the great taste of smoked salmon and all the wonderful ways to enjoy it.


Charlie’s family in Alaska does all of the fishing by line, and they travel up and down the west coast through British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon to catch wild salmon. Depending on the season, the salmon could be in a variety of locations.