Canteen Meats


John Ginanni and Kaylyn Reyes, along with 4 employees


Husband-and-wife team John and Kaylyn started Canteen Meats in 2020. The Bay Area natives were inspired by their travels in Europe a few years prior, where they volunteered and stayed at pig farms. John also worked in the USDA as a meat cutter and in salumi production. Now, Canteen Meats operates in a CDFA facility in Petaluma, where John slow-cures the meats, and Kaylyn manages their brand and design. At the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, Canteen Meats offers many cuts, including prosciutto, coppa, and lomo.


Canteen Meats sources from local ranchers, including Stemple Creek Ranch, Silver Sky Ranch, Liberty Ducks, Beffa Springs, and Napaluma Farms.