Canteen Meats


John Ginanni and Kaylyn Reyes along with 2 employees


Cured meats have always been John Ginanni’s favorite food. “I have always liked the idea that you’re aging something, and that it gets better with time,” he says. At Canteen Meats, the business that John runs with his wife, Kaylyn Reyes, the salumi and charcuterie can take over a year to prepare. The two of them were inspired by their travels in Europe in 2016, where they volunteered and stayed at pig farms.

“We learned techniques, of course, but I’d say the biggest takeaway was just seeing how these farms aren’t giant companies,” says John. “These are real people, real families who just needed help.” 

In 2020, the Bay Area natives put their experiences to use to start Canteen Meats in Petaluma, John curing meats and Kaylyn designing their brand, and they recently joined the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. As they continue to grow, they remain committed to supporting local ranchers, while navigating the unique challenges of small-batch butchery and adapting to climate-impacted meat prices.