Blossom Bluff Orchards


Siblings Bryce and Renata, with continued support from their parents Ted and Fran Loewen, along with about 8 full-time and up to 18 seasonal employees


78 acres in Parlier, about 200 miles to San Francisco


In 1931, Fran’s grandparents bought the land that has become Blossom Bluff Orchards. Fran’s father, Herb, farmed with his parents, then married and raised his family on the farm. Ted took over farm operations in 1990, and Bryce has assumed most of the day-to-day responsibilities within the last few years. Fran and Ted, Bryce and his family, and Renata all live on the farm. The Loewens produce over 100 varieties of high-quality certified organic tree fruit. They market their fruit directly through farmers markets and to restaurants and stores. Most of the fruit is picked at the height of maturity.


California Certified Organic Farmer since 2006