Balakian Farms


Amber Balakian, her mother Ginger, her father, Clarence, and her grandmother, Stella, along with 2 full-time and up to 6 seasonal employees


20 acres located in Reedley, about 200 miles to San Francisco


Amber Balakian’s great-grandfather, an immigrant from Armenia, first planted a vineyard in Reedley more than 80 years ago. Her grandfather, John, was born and raised on the property. In 1999, they began planting heirloom tomatoes and other crops, in an effort to expand their produce selection. They now offer a line of organic blended heirloom tomatoes. The Balakians switched to organic practices in response to health concerns and market demand, and they were certified in 2002. They mulch, plant cover crops, and add aged manure, compost, and raw organic matter for fertility. They use organic pesticides, beneficial insects, and crop rotation to manage pests. 


Guaranteed Organic Certification Agency (GOCA) since 2002