Foodwise Kids & Families: Online Resources

Foodwise Kids is a free program for elementary school classes that uses the farmers market as a classroom for empowering the next generation of healthy eaters. Now kids and families can experience Foodwise Kids wherever they are! We developed these videos to supplement and deepen our in-person field trips and classes, while extending the experience to students, families, and educators who are not able to visit in person—even taking them to the farm, virtually.

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Foodwise Kids Video Series

Designed in bite-sized, kid-friendly lessons that are perfect for classrooms and the home, our six-part Foodwise Kids series provides more than 45 minutes of learning about where our food comes from, the plant life cycles of fruits and vegetables, sustainable agriculture, and more.

Video 1: What’s Cool About Farmers Markets?

Have you ever wondered what makes farmers markets so cool? Meet some farmers and shoppers and hear why they like to shop at farmers markets.

Video 2: Where Does Food Come From?

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Meet Marsha, Modesto, and their daughter Saori on their farm, Oya Organics, to see how they grow the food that they bring to our farmers market.

Video 3: What Plant Parts Do We Eat?

When we eat fruits and vegetables, what part of the plants are we eating? Follow us on our journey through the plant life cycle as we learn what parts of plant we’re actually eating.

Video 4: Do Fruits and Vegetables Have Superpowers?

Did you know that fruits and vegetables have superpowers? That’s right—they have all sorts of superpowers that help our bodies stay strong and healthy! Join us for a superpower picnic to learn about just a few of the superpowers that fruits and vegetables have.

Video 5: What Senses Do We Use to Eat?

When we eat food, especially new food, what senses do we use? You might think we only use our sense of taste, but it turns out, we need to use all of our senses for the best experience! Join Claire, Malachi, and Charlotte as they taste their way through all the fruits and vegetables and come taste along with them!

Video 6: Healthy Veggies = Healthy You

Did you know that to have a healthy body, it helps that the food we eat and the environment they are grown in are healthy too? Meet Lorraine, from Eatwell Farm, as we learn what it takes to grow delicious fruits and vegetables that we all enjoy.

Additional Videos & Resources

Foodwise Kids: Knife Safety

Learn how to safely handle a knife, create a safe workspace, cut different shapes of fruits and vegetables, and more from Divya Pahwa of the Foodwise Kids program. Adult supervision required. This is a great activity for families to practice together, with kids ages seven and up.

Foodwise Kids: Seasoning

Dig into your pantry and learn all about seasoning, using your five senses, and adding flavor to foods with Divya Pahwa of Foodwise Kids. This is a great activity for families to do together, with kids age five and up (adult supervision encouraged).

Raising Foodwise Kids: Tips and Recipes for Families

Get the whole family involved in shopping and cooking with fresh local ingredients! Cooking with children teaches skills that will serve them for life. Feel confident working with kids in the kitchen using our tips and seasonal recipes.