Farm Boxes & Food Delivery

We’ve compiled a list of farms and food makers from Foodwise’s farmers markets who have online storefronts, including fresh produce boxes, CSA (community-supported agriculture) subscriptions, shelf-stable pantry items for mail order, and more. A few producers allow you to preorder online for pickup at their farmers market stand; check each website for details about home delivery or farmers market pickup options. 

Thank you for supporting our local farms and food community, even when you’re not able to shop the farmers market in person each week!

Fresh Produce Boxes & CSA Subscriptions

Brokaw Ranch: Citrus and avocados (order here)
Capay Organic (Farm Fresh to You): Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
Dirty Girl Produce: Veggie box and pantry items; certified organic (order here)
Eatwell Farm: Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
Far West Fungi: Dried mushrooms and products (order here)
Fifth Crow Farm: Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
Frog Hollow Farm: Fresh and dried fruit; certified organic (order here)
Green Thumb Farms: Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
K&J Orchards: Fresh fruit box for delivery or farmers market pickup (order here)
Oya Organics: Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
Star Route Farms: Veggie box; certified organic (order here)
Yerena Farms: Berries and vegetables (order here)

Food Products & Pantry Items

Allstar Organics: Seasonings, sugars, and salts (order here)
Bariani Olive Oil: Olive oil and vinegar (order here)
Bisou Chocolate: Chocolate (order here)
Blossom Bluff Orchards: Dried fruit; certified organic (order here)
Flying Disc Ranch: Dates (order here)
Hodo: Tofu and soy products (order here)
La Vie Wellness: Probiotic drinks and juices (order here)
La Cocina: An assortment of foods from La Cocina entrepreneurs (order here)
Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey: Honey (order here)
Massa Organics: Rice, almonds, and lard; certified organic (order here)
Old Dog Ranch: Walnuts and walnut butter; certified organic (order here)
Proyecto Diaz Coffee: Coffee (order here)
Sciabica & Sons: Olive oil and vinegar (order here)
Wise Goat Organics: Ferments and tinctures (order here)
Winters Fruit Tree: Nuts and jams (order here)

Baked Goods

Batter Bakery: Baked goods (order here)
Crumble & Whisk: Cheesecakes (order here)
Nana Joes Granola: Granola (order here)
Norte54: Pastries (order here
Three Babes Bakeshop: Pies (order here)

Seafood, Meat & Cheese

Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke: Smoked salmon, fish, and jerky (order here)
Devil’s Gulch Ranch: pork, duck, beef (order here)
H&H Fresh Fish: Seafood (community supported fishery) (order here)
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company: Cheese (order here)
RoliRoti: Bone broth (order here)