Tuna, Albacore

Albacore (or tombo ahi) is a ?best choice? when caught in U.S. waters with the troll or pole-and-line method. Albacore should be avoided when caught with the longline, and North Atlantic albacore should also be avoided due to declining populations.

Albacore tuna is most commonly found canned, but Pacific caught albacore can be found fresh at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in the summer and fall. Albacore tuna lacks the deep ruby color of ahi tuna. Less firm, it is not considered ?sushi grade,? so it is not served raw like ahi, but it is extremely high in omega-3 fatty acids. There are many interesting preparations for albacore beyond the standard tuna salad. Fresh albacore can be pan-seared and served as an entrée or in salade niçoise.