Whether farmed or wild caught, oysters are an extremely sustainable choice in the Bay Area. Similar to clams, oysters do not require feeding, as they naturally filter their nutrients from microscopic algae and particles from the surrounding water. This process helps clean the water, causing a positive impact on the surrounding habitat.

Oysters can be charbroiled in traditional preparations, such as Oysters Rockefeller, but they are an entirely different experience when eaten fresh and raw! Raw oysters are served in the shell on ice with a squeeze of lemon and mignonette (a mix of vinegar and chopped shallots), and have a silky, even creamy taste. The Bay Area is famous for its fresh Pacific oysters, and Hog Island Oyster Company, which slings oysters at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Saturdays and inside the Ferry Building seven days a week, draws tourists year round.

There are many different oyster varieties, with a range of textures, sizes, and flavors. Be sure to ask your seller which variety you are buying so you can enjoy the subtle nuances.