Flounder is a type of ?flatfish,? so named because both of its eyes are on one side of its head, giving it the appearance that it is lying face side up. Sanddabs, sole, turbot, and halibut are other types of commonly eaten flatfish. Subspecies of flounder can be found in Atlantic, European, and Pacific waters, but it is the Pacific flounder that is available at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Flounder sold to consumers is generally caught wild, not farmed. Wild populations of flounder are not depleted, but the trawling method used to catch them can cause a negative impact on the ocean floor. However, flounder is still rated as a ?good alternative? by the Monterey Bay Aquarium, since flatfish often live in sandy or muddy-bottomed areas of the ocean floor, thereby making their habitat less sensitive to trawling than rocky or reef areas.

Flounder has flaky, white flesh with a very mild taste, making it versatile for use in the kitchen. Pan-fried flounder is one of the most traditional and simple ways to cook a fillet, and it can also be stuffed, grilled, baked, and fried.