The Pasta Shop


Sandy Sonnenfelt, Manuel Servin, Mark Kline, and Alberto Prado, with 15 employees


The Pasta Shop has been an established business since 1983 and was purchased by siblings Sara, Tony, and Peter Wilson in 1987. Made daily in their Oakland kitchen, their seasonal ravioli, specialty pasta, and handcrafted sauces are the delicious result of the freshest local ingredients combined with time-tested recipes. Italian machines and bronze dies are used to shape their pasta, ensuring a rustic texture ideal for holding sauce. 


The Pasta Shop uses Mary’s air-chilled, California-raised chickens and beef from Stormhill Ranch. The whole-grain flour comes from Community Grains, a local company that produces true whole-grain flour. Other flours are sourced from Guisto’s in South San Francisco. About 40% of the Pasta Shop’s ingredients are sourced locally.