Liliana Ramirez and Ricardo Cespedes


Bocadito is a self-dubbed snackeria on a mission to broaden the appeal of Colombian cuisine in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. Founder Liliana Ramirez loved the street food scene in her mountainous hometown of Manizales, Colombia. In 2018, with the help of the La Cocina incubator program, she began to recreate the snacks of her home in her newly adopted hilly city. Liliana’s vision was to make Bocadito the first local business to serve traditional Colombian snacks, freshly handcrafted and prepared to order. Their signature offerings include obleas (two crisp round thin wafers filled with dulce de leche), pandebonos (yuca flour cheesy rolls), and empanadas (with a beef and potato or mushoom filling).


Bocadito sources flour from organic mills and produce from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.