Yuba Rolls with Black Chanterelles and Anise Scented Butternut Squash with Chili Dipping Sauce

Source:  Eric Tucker, Millennium

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Yuba rolls
2 shallots, peeled and sliced thin
2 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced
1 teaspoon unrefined sugar
½ teaspoon ground star anise
1 cup butternut squash, peeled and roasted until tender
Salt, to taste
½ pound black chanterelles, cleaned
Olive or vegetable oil, as needed
Sesame oil, as needed
Salt and pepper, to taste
3 tablespoons tamari (soy sauce)
1 teaspoon sesame oil, plus more for seasoning
6 sheets fresh yuba

Dipping sauce
¼ cup Tierra Vegetables chili jam
Tamari, to taste
Sesame oil, to taste


For the yuba rolls

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Heat a sauté pan over low heat, add the vegetable oil and sauté the shallots with the ginger, sugar and star anise until caramelized. Add to a food processor with the butternut squash and puree until smooth. Taste, adjust seasoning as needed and set aside.

  2. In another sauté pan cook the mushrooms over high heat in a minimum amount of oil until soft and their liquid evaporates. Season with a small amount sesame oil, salt and pepper; set aside.
  3. Mix sesame oil and tamari in a bowl. Lay out one yuba sheet on your work surface. Spread ⅙ of the squash mixture over the entire sheet. Sprinkle with mushrooms. Roll jelly roll style, place on a parchment paper lined sheet pan. Repeat with remaining yuba. Brush with the sesame-tamari mixture. Bake for 15 minutes. Allow to cool to almost room temperature before serving with the Tierra Vegetables Chili Jam Dipping Sauce.

For the dipping sauce

  1. Melt the chili jam in a sauce pan. Whisk in tamari and sesame oil to taste. Cool to room temperature.


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