The World's Best Latkes

Source: Elianna Friedman, CUESA Market Chef

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A version of this recipe originally appeared on the Beer & Nosh blog.

If you scale the recipe up, make each batch in succession, so your potatoes don’t turn brown.

Serves 6


3 heaping tablespoons matzo meal
1 heaping tablespoon potato starch
1 tablespoon Kosher salt
1 dash freshly grated pepper
3 large eggs
8 medium potatoes (Russets work well)
1 large yellow onion
Vegetable oil


1.    Open your kitchen windows, so that your house doesn’t stink up when you begin to fry.

2.    Mix the matzo meal, potato starch, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Crack three eggs in another bowl and whisk with a fork.

3.    Quarter the potatoes and onions, then grate them together in food processor. Add the matzo mixture to the potatoes and onions and mix well. From this step forward, it is important to move quickly so that the potatoes don’t brown.

4.    To help speed up this process, use multiple electric skillets. Cover the bottom of the skillet with oil and heat. Drop the potato mixture by spoonfuls (or fingers, if you’re fearless) into the hot skillet, turning when brown on one side, then brown the other side. Transfer to paper towels or paper bags to drain the oil (paper bags work well when working in bulk).

5.    Serve immediately with apple sauce, sour cream, and/or jelly. Latkes can be frozen in single layers separated by wax paper after they have cooled. To reheat, preheat the oven to 375˚F for 10 minutes and cook until the latkes sizzle.

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