Potato-Beet Salad with Smoked Fish and Mustard Vinaigrette

Source: Sarah Henkin, CUESA's Market Chef.

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This recipe was demonstrated at the FOOD WISE BOOTH on March 17, 2009.

Serves 4-6


1-2 small spring red onion, minced
2 teaspoons good Dijon mustard
1 lemon, zested and juiced
1 tablespoon white wine vinegar
½ cup olive oil, plus a bit more to toss beets in
1 pound Yukon gold potatoes
2 bunches beets (1 yellow, one gold if available)
¼ pound ancho cress (substitute arugula if watercress is not available)
¼ pound your favorite smoked fish (I’m using Cap’n Mike’s Holy Smoke Smoked Trout), thinly sliced
Zest from one orange



  1. Make vinaigrette: Put onion, mustard, lemon juice, salt and white wine vinegar in a boil and stir together with a fork or whisk, slowly add olive oil whisking continuously.

  2. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.  Bring large pot of salted water and potatoes to boil, cook potatoes until just tender but not falling a part.  Drain, quarter and toss with ¼ of the vinaigrette while still warm. Reserve and allow to cool in salad bowl you plan to serve from.
  3. Prepare your beets by cutting off tops (save beet greens for another use), washing well, tossing with salt and olive oil, and wrapping in foil.  Bake in oven for about 30-45 minutes depending on size, until tender.  When beets are cool enough to touch, remove skins with your fingers (they should slip off easily). Cut into quarters and allow to cool with potatoes.
  4. Once potatoes and beets are cooled toss with watercress or arugula and smoked fish slices.  Add remaining vinaigrette and lemon and orange zest, taste adjust seasoning with salt as needed and serve. 


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