Julienned Kohlrabi and Korean Pear Winter Salad

Source: Ave Lambert, CUESA

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This recipe, featuring Star Route Farms, was demonstrated for CUESA’s Market to Table program on January 4, 2020.                                                  

Makes 8 servings


2 medium kohlrabi
1 large Korean pear
¼ cup local apple cider vinegar  
¼ cup local olive oil
1 teaspoon each salt & pepper
½ cup fresh fine herbs (mint, basil, flat leaf parsley)
Edible flowers (nasturtium, borage, calendula)
½ cup toasted nuts (pistachio, pine nuts, pecans, almonds)
2 radish (watermelon or breakfast)
1 tablespoon each local bee pollen and nigella (onion seeds)


Use a Japanese mandolin and julienne kohlrabi and Korean pear to matchsticks. In a mixing bowl, whisk apple cider vinegar, olive oil, citrus juice, sea salt and black pepper. Toss kohlrabi and pear in dressing.

Change blade and shave radish very thinly. Add to bowl. In medium saute pan, toast nuts gently over low heat until you smell them opening up and you see a little bit of color. Add nuts, edible flowers, and minced herbs to salad bowl and toss once more. Garnish with nigella and bee pollen.

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