I Am Lovely: Strawberry Apple Cobbler

Source: Stephanie Suzanne Brendle, Café Gratitude

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This recipe was demonstrated at CUESA’s Market to Table programs in March, 2009 and is adapted from Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts by Matthew Rogers and Tiziana Alipo Tamborra (October, 2008)

Makes a pan 12x10x2½


4 ½ cups walnuts (do not soak)
¼ cup well packed, very finely chopped dates
2 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon vanilla
⅛ teaspoon salt

8 cups sliced apples
5 cups sliced strawberries (or substitute with pomegranate seeds, dried cranberries or raisins when strawberries are not in season)
¼ cup agave nectar
¼ cup lemon 
1 tablespoon vanilla 
A pinch of salt


For the crust
In the bowl of your food processor fitted with the “S” blade, process for 1 minute 3 cups of the walnuts with the cinnamon, vanilla, and salt. Continue to process while adding small amounts of the dates. Then place in a bowl and add remaining 1½ cup walnuts.  Press the crust into your pan. Set aside 1-½ cups for the topping. 

For the filling
Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Evenly distribute the filling on top of crust. Then crumble the remaining crust on the top. This lovely dessert is lovely served with nut-milk ice cream (I am Praising)!


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