Grilled Beef Heart over Arugula Salad with Salsa Rustica

Source: Chris Cosentino, Incanto.

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Serves 4 to 8


1 beef heart (2-3 lbs.), trimmed of sinew & gristle and cut into 2” x 6” pieces

1 cup balsamic vinegar
1 ½ cups dry red wine
12 sprigs of fresh thyme, crushed
3 cloves garlic, crushed, skin on
Splash of extra-virgin olive oil

Salsa Rustica
½ bunch chervil, chopped—about 1 cup
1 bunch Italian parsley, finely chopped
1 shallot, finely diced
1 hard-cooked egg, chopped
3 Peruvian (purple skinned) potatoes, cooked, peeled and small diced
1 Tablespoon pure olive oil
Extra-virgin olive oil
Champagne vinegar

Incanto House Vinaigrette
¼ cup zinfandel vinegar
1 ½ cups pure olive oil
Extra-virgin olive oil


  1. Bring all ingredients to a boil. Once liquid boils, turn off heat, pour liquid into a metal bowl, and refrigerate until cool. Once cool, pour marinade over pieces of beef heart. Marinate for 2-6 hours. Remove heart from marinade.

  2. Grill hearts to medium-rare, slice, and serve warm with salsa rustica over a salad of arugula dressed with Incanto’s house vinaigrette (see following recipes).

For the salsa rustica

In mixing bowl, combine chervil, parsley, shallots, potato and egg. Mix in pure olive oil. Season to taste. Finish with extra-virgin olive oil and a splash of champagne vinegar immediately before serving.

For the Incanto House vinaigrette

In mixing bowl, combine vinegar, salt and pepper. Whisk in pure olive oil. Finish with extra-virgin olive oil. Adjust seasoning to taste.

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