Spring Equinox Cocktails with Pisco Trail

Thursday, March 10, 2016, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

What do you get when you cross a traditional Peruvian liquor with the tasty bounty of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market? Explore the multicultural results in this hands-on cocktail class. Pisco, a grape brandy, is the oldest distilled spirit in the Americas and was popular in San Francisco during the Gold Rush days. Like many spirits, pisco disappeared with Prohibition, but California is now ground zero for a pisco renaissance. In this Spring Equinox class, you will learn to make three different pisco cocktails designed around the local harvest.

The class begins with an exploration of ​p​isco’s terroir via a tasting of different grape varietals and a blend — Italia, Quebranta, and Acholado. Next, you’ll use lemons to make a seasonal variation of the classic Pisco Sour, the national drink of Peru. Then, you’ll make a Pisco Greyhound variation using blood oranges and a herb infused syrup. Finally, we’ll make a Pisco Punch with strawberries, lemons, and sparkling wine before ending the evening with a spirited Q & A.

Born in Peru and based in San Francisco, California, Nico Vera is the founder, food writer, and chef for Pisco Trail, where he specializes in Peruvian cuisine and pisco mixology. Pisco Trail’s mission is to promote Peruvian food and culture through pop-ups, dinners, classes, and events that are a gastronomical tour of Peru’s unique cuisine and culinary history. To learn more about Peruvian food and pisco cocktails, visit piscotrail.com.

This class will take place outdoors in the CUESA Kitchen, and you will be standing for most or all of the class. Please wear comfortable shoes and layered clothing, and bring an apron with you. Light snacks will be provided.


Please note: Must be 21 years old to attend. Tickets are nonrefundable but are transferable.

Photo from Pisco Trail