Rick Kellner, Feel Good Bakery

Sunday, December 4, 2016, 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Stop by CUESA’s Jack London Square Farmers Market in Oakland  for a cooking demo with Rick Kellner of Feel Good Bakery featuring the seasonal bounty of the Jack London Square Farmers Market.

When Rick Kellner settled in the Bay Area he noticed that despite its many excellent bakeries, none offered small-batch, hand-crafted, European-style breads.

So he started baking in his tiny San Francisco apartment, supplying local shops and restaurants with something they couldn’t get anywhere else. “I wanted to raise the bar on bread in the Bay Area” Rick said, and he did. It was 2002. Two years later, Rick opened Feel Good Bakery in Alameda’s Marketplace.

Rick grew up on the Upper West Side of New York City where his grandfather was a baker in the 1920s. Though he never knew his grandfather, baking was in Rick’s blood.

Years later while working in the energy efficiency business, Rick took a vacation that changed his life. Instead of a vacation to Hawaii he attended the San Francisco Baking Institute to learn more about the sourdough process. It was there the idea for Feel Good Bakery was sparked.

Feel Good Bakery bakes with organic, non-GMO, locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality. Flours, nuts, fruits and cheeses come from local vendors who share similar beliefs around quality.

All demos take place at the CUESA Classroom (adjacent to the info booth at Broadway & Water Street) and are free to the public, with recipes and samples for all.