Rachel Aronow, featuring Little Apple Treats

Saturday, May 5, 2018, 10:30 am - 11:15 am

Stop by the CUESA Classroom for a cooking demo featuring the seasonal bounty of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. This demo will highlight a producer-chef relationship forged and sustained at the farmers market, featuring Little Apple Treats.

Rachel Aronow was raised on the West Coast where she was exposed to a style of cooking that fused unique Latin, Eastern European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures and cherished traditional American influences as well as her Ashkanazi roots.

From an early age, Aronow relished creating food for her friends and family to enjoy. After graduating from California State University Chico, Rachel returned home to Sonoma County and joined the team at Luma in Petaluma. Rachel soared through the kitchen ranks and was promoted to Chef, where she received a Michelin accolade. Aronow was scouted by the United States Coast Guard to be the youngest cooking instructor for their highly competitive culinary school. It was there that Aronow began a serious study of the culinary arts. Throughout her tenure, Aronow found herself inspired by advanced culinary education, mentoring young chefs in training and working alongside a multitude of different culinary professionals. As Aronow says “no great chef has done it alone. They achieved collectively by actualizing with a team from different walks of life, with different flavors, and different experiences”.

Four years after starting their plant nursery in their backyard in the Berkeley flatlands, Dan and Joanne bought an apple orchard on a hillside west of the town of Sebastopol. The couple converted the land to organic, planted some new apple trees, and erected three greenhouses for plant starts. The sell their apples and plant starts under the name Flatland Flower Farm. They have also started making value-added products from their apples, under the business name Little Apple Treats. From the juice, they make apple cider vinegar and apple caramels. From dried organic apples, they make apple granola and apple bark. Dan and Joanne make the apple juice for their apple cider vinegar and apple caramels on a wooden press.

All demos take place in the CUESA Classroom (under the white tents in front of the Ferry Building) and are free to the public, with recipes and samples for all.