Politics and the Dinner Table

Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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After this game-changing election, join food policy experts for an intelligent and proactive discussion about the state of our food. It’s now more important than ever to stand together to build a healthy and just food system. This straight-talking panel will discuss some of the big political issues that will affect food and agriculture: climate change, immigration law, and trade partnerships, to name a few. Turning to local politics for hope and inspiration, the panelists will review recent election outcomes, including Sonoma County’s ban on GMO crops and the soda taxes that passed in Oakland, San Francisco, and Albany. They’ll look at statewide changes, like how cannabis legalization could affect California agriculture. And they’ll point to key food policies the state legislature may consider this year. Committed to sustainability and food justice, these food movement leaders will share their ideas for continuing to build momentum toward meaningful policy change.

Navina Khanna, Director, HEAL Food AlliancePlate of the Union
Nina F. Ichikawa, Policy Director, Berkeley Food Institute
Michael Dimock, President, Roots of Change

Anna Lapp
é, author and founder of Real Food Media