Online Talk: Hodo's Minh Tsai in conversation with the Chronicle's Janelle Bitker

Wednesday, September 2, 2020, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Chronicle writer Janelle Bitker will be sitting down with Minh Tsai, Founder and CEO of Oakland’s leading plant-based foods company Hodo, for a video chat in partnership with CUESA. Hodo’s organic tofu and yuba products are beloved by many Bay Area chefs. Hear why plant-based proteins are on the rise and learn some secrets to cooking delicious tofu during a live cooking demo. Reserve your spot today!

Janelle Bitker explores the Bay Area’s culture through food. From restaurants to trends to the people who make it all happen, Janelle’s coverage stays on top of the vast Bay Area culinary scene.

Founded in 2004, Hodo was born on a simple premise: to bring fresh, high-quality organic tofu directly to the people. It has since grown into a national plant-based brand⁠ found on Michelin-starred menus and grocery store shelves alike⁠. Still, Hodo remains firmly rooted in Bay Area values, with production in Oakland and a loyal following at Bay Area farmers markets.

Hodo sources soybeans with specific protein and fat composition to make their creamy soy milk, the basis of all their products. They use the whole bean, including its seed coat, and double extractions to get the most protein, fiber and flavor out of the bean. Their tofu is simply this soy milk combined with calcium sulfate, a natural mineral. Fresh yuba (“tofu skin”) is made by heating the soy milk and allowing the fat and protein to form paper-thin sheets, which are then lifted off the surface by hand. Hodo is the only maker of fresh organic yuba in the country.

You can find them at CUESA’s Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco on Saturdays.

Registration is free and open to all, but you must RSVP. A link will be sent out after reserving a spot. Reserve your spot today!