We're Moving Some Things Around

September 20, 2012


It’s a trifecta—increased access for emergency vehicles, BART seismic retrofitting work on the back plaza, and a contractual obligation. In late September, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market layout will be changing. All of your favorite sellers will still be here. However, many will be setting up in new locations.

When Will the Moves Happen?

Thursday, September 27
Tuesday, October 2
Saturday, October 6

Finding Your Favorite Sellers

Refer to each day’s unique market map (up-to-date maps are always available at the Info Booth).
Ask a Market Ambassador or Market Staff.

Thank you for bearing with us as we make these necessary changes. Our sellers and staff appreciate your support!

More Information about the Move

Three issues are impacting how the market can operate:

The Fire Marshall has requested that we provide greater turnaround access for emergency vehicles in the back of the plaza.
BART has notified us that are beginning a 9-month seismic retrofitting project for the plaza, impacting our seller parking behind the World Trade Club.
CUESA is losing its right to manage or use the North Arcade (the space under the north arches in front of the building). CUESA will vacate the space by September 30, 2012. We do not know what will happen next in that space. For more information, contact Equity Office Senior Property Manager Jane Connors at jane_connors@equityoffice.com (email inquiries only, please).


CUESA is relocating its teaching kitchen and in-market programs (CUESA Classroom), storage areas, seating area for weekday markets, and evening classes and fundraising events from the North Arcade to the South Arcade.
CUESA will lose access to much of its seller vehicle parking space behind the former World Trade Club (building at the back end of the plaza adjacent to the water). BART will instead pay for additional parking spaces for us in the meters along Washington Street. This phase is projected to be completed in June 2013.
In order to meet the Fire Marshall’s requirements, several sellers in the back of the Plaza have already been reconfigured; additional new layout refinements will continue during September.
As a result of creating better access for emergency vehicles, losing some on-site seller vehicle parking spaces, and relocating the kitchen, utilities, and CUESA Classroom to the south side of the building, many market sellers will have to be relocated.