Welcome to the New CUESA website!

March 23, 2011

Welcome. This site is a sites/default/files/welcome_star_1.jpgwork in progress. We’d love to hear your feedback, comments, and tips about bugs or about broken links here.

If you haven’t explored the site yet, check out the seasonal foods section, searchable recipe archive, and easy-to-navigate article archive. There are other things that we’ve updated and expanded on too, but we’ll let you explore and find them on your own time.

We couldn’t have done it without following volunteers and interns: Sarah Choi, Daisy Chow, Deon Colombini, Stacie Dong, Cathleen Enriquez, Susan Fierro, Jessica Goldman, Stephanie Henry, Kenrick Mercado, Marcia Sitcoske, Nathaniel Sulat, Wendy Pei, Micah Shull, and Becky Tsang.

We also want to thank our fantastic, creative web developer Robyn Overstreet.



Photo by Dan Buczynski