The News in Food – Jan 2008

January 18, 2008

In the past few weeks, there have been some noteworthy new developments in the food world. This week’s feature is a roundup of information and articles we thought might interest our readers. 

The 2007 Farm Bill becomes the 2008 Farm Bill
The Farm Bill debate has stretched into the New Year. Both the House and Senate have drafted versions of the omnibus legislation, but Congress and President Bush have reached an impasse regarding both payment limits and funding. Farmers who base planting decisions on the availability of government support are getting frustrated as their growing season approaches.

Reuters article about the status of the bill >

Editorials critiquing the farm bill, compiled by the Environmental Working Group >

Cloned cuisine
Both the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority announced this week that their scientific studies suggest that meat and milk from cloned livestock are safe to consume. Consumer groups are voicing their concerns about the determination.

New York Times article about the declaration >

Washington Post article about the declaration >

Official FDA information about cloning >

Labeling laws
In a victory for consumer groups, the Pennsylvania Department of Food and Agriculture has amended a law passed in late 2007 that prohibited labeling milk products as coming from livestock that were not administered synthetic growth hormones. 

Meanwhile, the USDA is soliciting public comments for a potential “naturally raised” certification for livestock.

Chicago Tribune article on the subject >

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