The Success of Crop Failure

July 21, 2006

First hail, then house finches, then cherry fruit flies! Read about one farmers’ challenging year and the lessons learned.

Shopping Chefs

July 7, 2006

Dining out on local, seasonal and sustainable food.

A Berry By Any Other Name

June 2, 2006

Organic strawberry farming is full of challenges, which makes us appreciate them even more.

Bulbs, Shoots, and Leaves: Pungent Alliums

May 5, 2006

And you thought you loved garlic: one farmer grows 25-30 varieties every year!

Community Supporting Agriculture

April 14, 2006

Mother Nature can be harsh. Learn what you can do to support our local farmers in tough times.

Celebrating Seasonality, Literally

April 7, 2006

Reading these books will help you become an even savvier seasonal eater.

Stalking Asparagus

March 17, 2006

We love it for its tender taste and its symbolism of spring. Learn more about this slow growing and labor intesive crop.

Cheesemaking – Part II

February 24, 2006

More on what it takes to make one of our favorite foods.

Cheesemaking – Part I

February 17, 2006

Great cheese starts with milk production and goes from there. Read this article (the first of two) to understand the entire production cycle.

Bees and Blooms

February 10, 2006

The scents of spring entice bees into their annual ritual: pollination.

Lettuce Lunch

January 13, 2006

Right now, the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is full of tasty salad ingredients. Chicories, cheeses, cresses, citrus fruits, oils, eggs, vinegars, nuts and roots all lend themselves to delicious winter salads. But by far the most favored salad ingredient, and one that can easily stand alone with a simple dressing, is Lactuca sativa – lettuce.

CUESA Welcomes a New Director of Education

December 16, 2005

This week, CUESA welcomed a new member to our staff with the hiring of Julie Cummins as Director of Education.