Orchards and Organics in the Central Valley

October 31, 2014

Last month, CUESA took a tour group to Lagier Ranches in Escalon and Lucero Organic Farms in Clarksburg in the middle of the fall harvest to learn what it takes to grow fruits and vegetables organically.

At our first stop, farmers John Lagier and Casey Havre showed us around their almond and citrus orchards, Bronx grape vineyards, and commercial organic kitchen. Then at Lucero Organic Farms, father-and-son team Ben and Curtis Lucero gave us a tour of their diverse vegetable farm, and we even got to harvest some veggies for ourselves! Take a virtual tour by clicking the images below.

Look for Lucero Organic Farms on Saturdays at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Lagier Ranches will return to the market on November 15.

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