Meet Our Team: Matty Leong

June 11, 2020

In these times of social distancing, we would love for you to get to know our team better. Each week, we’re going to take you “behind the mask” with a different CUESA staff member, so that, even when our faces are covered, we won’t be strangers at the farmers market. This week, meet Operations Assistant Matty Leong. 

Tell us a bit about you and your role and history at CUESA.

I grew up in San Francisco, and I’ve been working at CUESA for two and a half years. I think and I first started working here because my older brother, Kody, was leaving and I needed a high school job. It was very convenient and within walking distance. Now my younger brother, Egan, is working here, too. So yes, it’s a family business. I’ve been going to the same college for the past two years, and I was set to transfer this fall, but since school went online, I’ll be here for the next semester. I’m studying Information Systems, which is computer science mixed with business. I help with the farmers market on Saturdays, dealing with parking, setting up stuff in the back plaza and the tents in the front, and also managing the chef parking.

How has your work changed since the pandemic?

Since coronavirus, my work has shifted to handling the CUESA Farmers Market Boxes, running the boxes from the CUESA tent to people’s cars. Doing the boxes was a little rough the first week, but we’ve started to get the hang of it and people are pretty friendly. They’re in their cars and it can be kind of hard to interact much with them. It’s sometimes hard to hear people’s names through the mask when they’re picking up their orders, so it’s really helpful when people write their name on a piece of paper and just slip it through the window.

What do you do to recharge outside of work?

I like building computer keyboards. I started a challenge this month of doing 3,000 pull-ups. I’m at 800, I think, right now.

What inspires or motivates you about your work at CUESA?

I like all my co-workers. We’re all very good friends. I like to tell them “dad jokes” to make them laugh. That’s a joke that makes you think, “Oh, that’s a really bad joke.”

Do you have any favorite farmers market foods or tips you can share?

Primavera is good. And GL Alfieri has their chocolate almond toffee.