Market Memories: Priscilla Wheeler, Market Supporter

April 26, 2013

I am a native San Franciscan and have been shopping at the market since Green Street. I shop every week for myself and for Vera Ransom, a longtime family friend. Vera is 100 years old. She and her husband, Bob, were some of the original bohemians of Telegraph Hill from Paris to Capetown, South Africa. They went by horseback from Kashgar in China to India. There is a book about their travels, which has yet to be published. They had an apartment in Paris, where Bob attended the Cordon Bleu despite the fact that Vera was always the cook and they always had a home in San Francisco on Alta Street on Telegraph Hill.

Vera is an adventurous gourmet who still loves food. She is now blind and needs help to remain at home but she is thrilled with the farmers market bounty every week. She feels the vegetables and tells us what they are and how to cook them. Regular items for her are radishes (a must), dates and date candies, buns with a fruit filling, and whatever is in season. She loves the market, and it is a highlight of her week.

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