Market Memories: Penni Wisner

April 26, 2013

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market supporter Penni Wisner shares her memories.

Funny that I remember being so upset when the market had to move to Green Street from in front of the Ferry Building. And then I was upset when it moved back!

I remember on Green Street—how many do?—the bonsai man who would demonstrate how to care for the little plants right there. And the strawberry man who shuddered if you asked how best to wash the berries. He said you’d wash all the flavor off; I was to brush each berry if it needed it! And then there was the truffle chocolatier (his shop was around the corner from my house here) who carted boxes of his truffles from stand to stand, trading truffles for produce. And I suppose so many of us remember Mariquita Farms and following them from Ferry Plaza to Green Street, then mourning their departure. And there was the time I left a shopping bag with a brand new skillet and was reunited with it—and the gentleman who found it—at the information booth.

And still we shop! What is hardest to believe is that it has been 20 years. Happy birthday­—to all of us—and with great gratitude for all the work that has produced such a fabulous market.

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