Market Memories: Nikos Diaman

April 26, 2013

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market supporter Nikos Diaman shares his memories.

I was an early shopper when the market was on the island in front of the Ferry Building and also at the parking lot around Vallejo Street, before it moved to its current location in front and behind the Ferry Building. I still shop almost every Saturday morning when I’m in the city. I’ve got a routine, so that my clothes are laid out and I’ve got my bags ready. I don’t stop and eat before I got out, because I know it will delay me. I go to the market first, and I do my shopping and have lunch after that.

I usually buy organic, and if it’s not organic I skip it. I go to specific farmers I’ve dealt with over the years. Andy at Mariquita Farms was an exception to my organic buying because he did not spray. I can’t afford all of the things that are sold at the market, but what I can afford I go back to over and over again. Currently, I shop at Star Route Farm and Knoll Farms. I try to get there early enough to get the stinging nettles, and I look forward to fresh figs in the fall. Over the years, I have developed a rapport with the farmers I’ve met there, and I enjoy that exchange.

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