Market Memories: Helene Marshall

May 17, 2013

Helene and Spencer Marshall of Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey have been in the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market since 1994.

Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey started selling at Ferry Plaza in February of 1994. My aunt, Bernice Glickfeld, lived at the Golden Gateway. I went to visit her on a very rainy Saturday morning. She could see the market from her apartment. She had made a financial contribution to the market when it was founded.

Aunt “Bee,” as we called her, suggested that I go talk to the market manager to see about getting a stall at the market. I took her advice, walked over in a downpour, met the manager and inquired about selling at the market. I sent samples of our honeys to Sibella Kraus and the response was, “Welcome aboard.” The other honey seller was on leave, and we filled in. The management like us and our presentation and invited us to alternate with the other honey seller upon his return. We alternated until about 1996 or 1997, when we were invited to participate every week, year round.

Spencer and I were not yet married when we began selling at the market. However, our relationship continued to blossom. Our success at Ferry Plaza must have had something to do with our success with our personal relationship and our business. Participating in the market has always been a happy nurturing experience. We planned our wedding during our weekend off in 1996. We purchased the food for our wedding feast at the market. It’s been sweet success ever since.

Our business has thrived because of our involvement at Ferry Plaza. Our honey has had “legs.” Marshall’s Farm Natural Honey has traveled around the world with customers who have bought our honey at the market. Our honey has found its way on to store shelves, restaurant menus, magazine articles, and TV spots because we have been noticed at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. We have made lasting friendships because of the market.

In summary; Sweet Success, Happy Farmer, Happy Wife of the Farmer, Happy Bay Area Bees, Happy Life.

Thank you, Ferry Plaza Farmers Market and all who have worked so hard to make this one of the best places to bee and bee seen anywhere on this planet!

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