Farm Tour: Bruins Farm and Orangewood Farm

May 16, 2008

What better way to learn about where your food comes from than to visit the land on which it is produced? CUESA’s recent Greenhouse Grown farm tour to Bruins Farms and Orangewood Farm reinforced to us that farm visits are one of our most important educational programs. Many urban dwellers are intimately familiar with farmers’ market produce, but find food production mysterious. Farm tours allow us to become better acquainted with market sellers (who often have limited time to chat at the market), and are a rare opportunity to see firsthand what it takes to grow healthful, tasty food. Said one tour attendee, “The farmers were both extremely generous in sharing their practices and candidly answering questions. A great way to spend the day and reaffirm why I need to buy produce from local farmers. They work so hard!”

See a slideshow of our time at Bruins Farms >


See a slideshow of our time at Orangewood Farm >

orangewood farm

One of the tour attendees posted a two part summary of the tour on his weblog, EatsForOne…or more >


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